About Us


Our Story

Hi!  My name is Shana Pack.  My husband, Brian, and I are the "us" of God's Eye Ministry.  God's Eye is a life's work that God has led me to, and I can only do it with Brian's support and help.  I do want to be transparent here that this is a lay ministry.  I am not a theologian or an ordained minister; however, I believe that all people of God can and should share His love and His Word through their own abilities and passions.

Even as a child, I loved creating things.  Arts and crafts were always one of my most favorite activities at school, or camp, or on a Saturday morning.  As an adult, my hobbies revolve around creating--especially scrapbooking and paper crafts, writing, and music.   I enjoy trying just about anything creative!

As I've grown in my relationship with God, I've come to realize that the creative process can be a wonderful vehicle to worship and know God.  After all, God is the Creator of the universe and us all.  When we create, we become like God, and when we become like God, we can know him better.  The end point of what we create does not have to be a masterpiece, as long as it has personal meaning and brings glory to God.

In 2017, God gave me the vision for God's Eye Ministry as a way to combine my passion for creating and my love for God, and to share these with others.  My hope and prayer is that God will use this ministry to inspire you, to bring you into a deeper relationship with Him, and to worship him in your own creative ways.