Shana doing artwork
Holding prayer bead jewelry over open Bible
God's Eye Crochet

About God's Eye Ministry

This ministry is not

about being creative in the usual sense of the word; that is, it's not about being artistic or producing masterpieces.  It's about the process of creating something that has personal meaning, and using that process and finished work to worship God

"In the beginning, God created... "

(Genesis 1:1).  The first thing we learn about God in the Bible is that He is a Creator.  One of the foundational truths that God's Eye is based upon is that creating is a godly activity--something that brings us closer to God our Creator.

The mission of God's Eye ministry

is to use the creative process to worship and deepen our relationship with God.  We explore creation not only through various types of arts and crafts, but other creative endeavors such as music, cooking, writing, and photography; as well as the less tangible when we create memories, fellowship, and peace.