Art Journaling Course

Are you ready for a creative, joyful season of Lent?


We will use art journaling as a way to shape our experiences and to create a sacred space where we can meet with the Divine.


Do you long to interact with God in a way that is personal and meaningful?


Are you looking for a way to enhance your self-discovery and self-expression?


Do you want a creative way to deeply experience Lent?


The course is open to all skill levels, from “never done this” to “been doing this for years.”  Art journaling is all about the process of using a creative activity—not aiming for a particular outcome.


Art journaling is open to all kinds of media, from pencils, pens, crayons, paints, collage, and so on.  It’s not about technique, but about using media to create a context where you are expressing yourself and listening for God.  Art journaling also allows for writing, of course!  We will have lots of opportunities to write our own prayers, psalms, poems, and so on.


ALL are welcome to this course; it doesn't matter if you own a Bible or if you are a Bible scholar.

You will be honored and respected for your own journey.

All you need is a willingness to open yourself up to the Divine and to explore creative process.



Here is what you get:

  • Online course with weekly modules offered on a course platform--not social media
  • 6 live Zoom meetings where we will explore various media and Bible scripture (replays available)
  • Weekly printables exclusive to this course that you can use in your art journal (or whatever you want)
  • A private Facebook group for all course members where you can ask questions and connect with others
  • Weekly videos with a mixture of inspiration and easy art and creative writing techniques
  • A community where you can meet new friends
  • A place to play, and time for self discovery
  • Support to grow in your relationship with God


Here is what you need:

  • An art journal with heavy weight paper
  • Art supplies that you enjoy using such as paints, pens, pencils, and collage materials. Class members will receive a suggested supply list through e-mail.
  • A daily devotional is recommended but not required. I suggest “Go to Jerusalem: A Lenten Devotional” by Mary Alice Mulligan (Grab it here on Amazon for $3.99)

Entire course with lifetime access to materials and recordings


Will you come with us?

What people are saying about it

"Shana is a kind, thoughtful, and generous person who takes living her values seriously.
I have been a part of several of her in-person and online workshops. I have enjoyed every single one of them and have benefited from them personally and spiritually."
- Jodi

"Working with God's Eye [Ministry] has helped me open new doors of my soul to God.  The process is nurturing, yet challenging and non-judgmental.  It welcomes me into a blessed space."


"I am grateful to have found a ministry which taps into my joy of creating all the while focusing on our beloved God.  God's Eye Ministry's activities help to center me with our Lord while praising him through my mind and hands."